Month: April 2013

How Car Insurance Rates Are Affected By Repair Shops

If you ever get into a car accident and your car needs to be repaired, your car insurance provider, or the car insurance provider of the driver who was at fault for the accident, should be there to step in and cover the costs of the repair. After all, that is why you pay a […]

Will Your New Car Cause Your Insurance Rate To Go Up?

If you’re planning on buying yourself or your spouse a new vehicle, you may be worried that your already high insurance premium will only end up going up even higher as a result of your purchase. This can be especially important to you if you’re on a tight budget and you currently find it difficult […]

Some Of The Reasons Why UK Car Insurance Rates Are High

Motorists across the UK are fed up with the high premiums they are charged each year for their car insurance plans. Many simply do not understand why they need to pay so much for their coverage and they want to know ways of reducing the amount that they owe. With the economy doing poorly, jobs […]

How The EU Raised Car Insurance Rates In 2012

Drivers in the UK were in for a rude awakening at the end of 2012. While the EU never really interfered with car insurance policies and rates in the past, all of a sudden, they took note of something that had been going on for years and which they felt was discriminatory and needed to […]

Students Worrying About Debt

The ‘debt for life’ label attributed to student loans for tuition fees and living costs label is seriously affecting the amount of new applications for higher education in the UK. The idea of debt hanging over our heads with no jobs around to pay back the debt is a big deterrent for many who would […]

How To Save Some Extra Cash

Every person would like to generate more money every month; however, most don’t recognize how to make additional money. Even though they require more money, they encompass no money-making plan. The fundamental thing to making more money every month is to produce more cash than you use. This possibly will sound understandable, but the majority […]

Save or Payoff Your Debts – What to do?

These days a boon of cash is as a fortunate find, as it is a rare one. One of the questions that will come to mind, after the rush of excitement, is; do I pay off bills and debt or do I save? Many people are weighed down under debt and high interest rates, and […]