Month: May 2013

Taking Advantage Of The Best Boat Finance Options

Options for Boat Buyers Boat buyers have a number of options when they want to pay for a new or second hand boat. Boat finance is available from banks, specialist lenders and many other sources including brokers. Our financing company will help boat buyers to understand the periphery regarding boat loans and provide you with […]

Who Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you are involved in jobs that require you to provide legal or financial advice to clients, then it is essential that you protect yourself with professional indemnity insurance (PII). Referred to also as professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance, it protects you from bearing the complete expenses of defending a negligence claim […]

Does Lying To Your Life Insurance Company Make Sense?

Life insurance is a good thing to have around, and you know it. However, life insurance premiums can be extremely high, especially if you fall under a high-risk category. You would do everything within your powers to save some cash on your policy, and there are legitimate ways to reduce your premiums. Would you go […]

Millions Are Falsely Claiming Travel Insurance

When most of us go on holiday to a nice warm country with lots to do and plenty to see, the last thing on our mind is trying to make money. Unfortunately for insurers, many people go each year with the sole intention of pocketing at least the amount the holiday has cost them and […]

Effects Of The Economy On A Hong Kong Company

The Economy of Hong Kong The economy of Hong Kong is amazing.  Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centers.  There is low taxation, near-free port trade and an amazing international financial market.  Hong Kong has remained one of the world’s freest economies according to the index of Economic Freedom.  To have […]

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

It is a fact of life that accidents will always happen. It is impossible to eradicate every single possible risk from our day to day lives  and it would be foolish to think we could. What we can do however, is to take the relevant precautions to reduce or eliminate unnecessary risks as well as […]