Add Emergency Road Service Coverage To Your State Farm Car Insurance And You’ll Have An Even Better Neighbour

While you may think you and your family need to join a car club or trade association to enjoy the peace of mind provided by a reliable roadside assistance program, that isn’t the case. Every major car insurance company offers some form of roadside assistance protection when you purchase a car insurance policy. That’s true for the nation’s largest car insurer, State Farm, and you may be surprised at how broad and affordable its emergency road service coverage can be.

State Farm’s Coverage H

State Farm emergency road service coverage is provided under what it refers to as the Coverage H option. When you have Coverage H in place on your personal or family State Farm car insurance policy, it will cover:

  • Towing your car to a repair facility in response to an accident or some mechanical failure that disables your vehicle
  • Minor fixes or mechanical repairs you may need on the road to get you back on your way
  • Pulling and/or towing your vehicle out of a location where it may be stuck or creating a hazard to traffic and safety
  • Delivery of gas or oil or other fluids you may need to continue on your way
  • Tire repair or replacement assistance
  • Battery jumpstart services
  • Limited locksmith services

With Coverage H in place, you will not bear any up-front costs for these covered services. State Farm will be billed directly and all you have to do to access the services if and when you need them is to dial a toll free number given to you by your State Farm agent. You will then be linked to a dispatch or service operator who will assess your need and, on your behalf, contact the nearest provider who can assist you.

Coverage…even without the coverage!

If you have a car insurance policy with State Farm and you haven’t elected to add Coverage H to it, you may still have some terrific support through State Farm should you need limited emergency roadside assistance.

Depending on the state where you live and drive, if you have a State Farm car insurance policy that includes collision coverage and/or comprehensive coverage and you find yourself stranded because of a roadside emergency, you can request assistance using the Coverage H toll-free number. In that case, you will be connected to a service operator and if you need assistance, it will be sent for. You will need to pay for those services directly, but you will be billed at competitive rates previously negotiated by State Farm. You can then submit the receipts to your agent or claims representative for reimbursement consideration later on.

Surprisingly affordable

Adding Coverage H to your State Farm car insurance policy will vary in what it costs you from state to state. Wherever it is available, it tends to be far more reasonable than paying out-of-pocket for some of the services that are covered. It can cost as little as an additional $15 added to your premium for the term of coverage. Many leading roadside assistance programs are part of a membership you must maintain with monthly or annual dues that far exceed $15.

Remember – you will have to have either State Farm’s collision or comprehensive coverage in place in order to add Coverage H. The good news here is that State Farm is one of those insurers that doesn’t require you to combine collision and comprehensive. You can pick one or the other and select from a pretty wide range of deductible levels.

When you compare what it would cost you to have a tow truck come rescue you and your family in the event of a roadside emergency, or what it could cost to find a fair mechanic if you are on a long road trip, then add the stress generated for you and your loved ones, this coverage could prove to be a bargain.

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