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Understanding Theft Laws In The State Of Florida

Theft can be a serious charge no matter where you are. Whether you’re in Okaloosa County, Florida, or anywhere else throughout the world, being charged with theft is something that you don’t want on your record. In Florida, there are two different kinds of theft that you can be charged with: petit theft and grand […]

Making Sense Of Sexual Battery Laws In Florida

In the state of Florida, there are a number of different crimes that one can be charged with. One of the newer classifications in the Florida statutes is referred to as sexual battery. Many people might have trouble understanding the basics of sexual battery because the term can be considered somewhat ambiguous. In fact, sexual […]

Quick Ways To Get Extra Cash For Your Bills

The cost of living keeps going up, and paychecks keep shrinking. Too many workers in today’s market are in that exact spot. With living costs creeping up on so many people, are there any quick fix ways to get back on top of your bills? There aren’t any permanent solutions to cash problems, but there […]

Money-Saving Tips Our Grandmothers Knew

When my grandmother grew up there was little of what we have today, and as a result she was much more of a savvy saver than we all are today. Back in her day there were no credit cards that allowed an unlimited amount of splurging on items that often leave us thinking ‘I wish […]

4 Simple Ways To Help You Repay Your Debt

Having debt is a horrible feeling and it can really feel like it is dragging you down and keeping you away from achieving your dreams. It is really important that you start thinking about how to best manage and get rid of your debt as soon as you realize you are in debt. It is […]

Understanding Your Options When Homeowners Insurance Claims Are Denied

No homeowner thinks that they will be denied when they make a claim on their homeowners insurance. But denials are more common than most people think, and unfortunately, too many homeowners discover this after they have been denied. Making more than one claim can flag you as being a high-risk individual, and even negatively affect […]

Car Insurance Made Easy

We have all seen the annoying adverts online about price comparison websites and as much as it pains me to say it, the service they offer is pretty impressive. They really do show you a broad range of prices for all the major firms and then you can see a breakdown of their policy. Upon […]

How To Always Guarantee Yourself The Best Insurance Deal

The global insurance market is huge and, as a result, it can also be very confusing when it comes to finding the best deals for you. Of course, that is what finding insurance is all about; finding the cheapest deal. However, it often isn’t as simple as just logging onto the website and using Google […]

Students – Here Are The Money Truths You Should Know

When you’re off to college for the first time, your parents tell you to study hard, be safe, party responsibly and call at least once a week. But very few young people hear about the things they really need to know. Like finances. It’s a mystery as to why this doesn’t happen, because good money […]

Top Home Insurance Myths Busted

When you take out home insurance, you obviously want the best deal on the market. With this in mind, many ask friends and colleagues about their insurance policies. Although they may offer some good recommendations, be wary – there are many rumours surrounding home insurance that are just that – rumours, and not facts. Here […]