Save Your Dollars During Christmas & Stay Away From Festive Debt

As the household budgets have been squeezed among majority households, there are many families that are worried about not being able to cover the cost of Christmas in 2015. All they wish is to not carry a debt hangover into the New Year. According to a recent survey, the average family spends around $170 in the month of December and this is the reason behind the surging holiday debt among the Americans. However, it is not that there are no ways of cutting down expenses without cutting down the fun.

Here are some tips to spend a frugal Christmas in 2015 –

  • Start by creating your present’s list: Now that there’s still a month left for Christmas, this is the best time to sit down with your family and decide on the list of presents that you wish to exchange this year. Set down a particular price limit for the gifts that you wish to buy, especially those that you plan for the kids. Set up a Secret Santa for giving gifts to children. When you can set a maximum price way ahead of time, this can be an effective way of keeping costs.
  • Make the most of discounts and vouchers: Go hunting for discount coupons and vouchers which can slash off the price of things at a time when you need it the most. If you have accumulated any reward points, make the best use of it before it languishes. Such schemes can help you save your dollars during Christmas and you can use them elsewhere.
  • Change your supermarket: Buying food for festivities can be a costly business and hence during such special occasions, you should switch your supermarket to those that give you proper discounts. There are supermarkets where they store goods which are of the old lot and that which can be sold off with great discounts. You can sometimes beat some really expensive brands this way.
  • Don’t purchase too much of anything: Most hosts will wish to offer a generous spread for their guests but it is often easy to overestimate the fact that people will tuck away. If you don’t want to waste your food, you can calculate the exact number of guests and then bring food accordingly.

Hence, if you’re looking for some money-saving tips for Christmas, 2015, you can undoubtedly follow the above mentioned tips and strategies.

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